January 6, 2012

Snailin' It Penpal Update!

In case you're wondering how Snailin' It has been going, I can say that my two pen-pals from this project (one from Texas, another from Australia) have written me twice each (as have I, well one I've written three times).  I've received quite a bit of positive feedback from a few people who were matched up! However, I have heard that some are still waiting for letters to arrive and are sad to not hear back from them.

There have been a few who signed up recently who need matches (and haven't heard anything from me explaining who their pen-pals are).  If you want to sign up and haven't yet, all you have to do is fill out this form here.  (make sure you include zip codes, as I've had to search for a few when making matches). I will match you best I can! There were 22 people who signed up, some of them want multiple pen-pals (and have only been given one, one who hasn't been matched at all after about 3 weeks).

Click here for letter writing tips & the original post with more info!

You can live in ANY country and sign up! Many people specifically would prefer to write to people around the world rather than whatever country they are living in. We had people from 3 countries involved (multiple people from each country). Women who are teenagers through their 40s have signed up! It's been great fun!

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Heather said...

This sounds like so much fun! I had several pen pals when I was a kid, from Florida to Russia. It was always a thrill to get a letter from far-off places. I just submitted my info, I'm looking forward to joining in :)

JusticePirate said...

I just got your submission! I hope to receive more soon so I can match you with someone to write to! I tend to try to connect people who are the same age groups mainly. That's so cool you had a Russian penpal. It may take up to two weeks before you receive your match (hope that's okay with you to wait). 

Rebecca said...

It does sound like a lot of fun as Heather said! I just signed up and am ready with stationary, stamps and envelopes and new pens I received for Christmas. bring on the pen pals! :)

Chelsea Lonsdale said...

i signed up! hoorah!

Kristina said...

I always loved getting letters from my penpal!  I didn't know about Snailin' It.  Must check it out! =) Hope you're having a happy new year. =)
Kristina J.

Steviegmartinez said...

Recently received my first letter from London :) love this! massive thanks!!! ~ stevie

JusticePirate said...

I'm so glad to hear it! Thanks for your patience!

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